Aurangabad, Maharashtra 

It’s good to be back in India, our motherland! Traveling and staying overseas makes you appreciate what you have back home. Our wanderlust took us to Aurangabad, a city hailed by history lovers for the many monuments, and by mystery lovers for the world famous Ajanta and Ellora caves. The most beautiful quality of this […]

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Eau Claire,Wisconsin 

We had always dreamed of that perfect farm getaway! Didn’t you immediately picture a big hay stack with all the farm animals huddled up in a ranch? Well, so did we, until we made this refreshing trip to Eau Claire. Eau Claire is in the state of Wisconsin and the story goes that it gets […]

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North Shore, Minnesota 

If you’re ever thinking, is there a place that can really take my breath away, this has got to be it! We can’t begin to describe how beautiful and picturesque the North Shore along the mighty Lake Superior really is. An expansive water body in shades that you would only see in a painting, holding […]

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 

Most beloved beach destination of the South? I bet few come close to the enchanted charm of this seaside heaven!  With undisturbed waters ebbing at your feet and the sun shining down your back, what more can you ask for right? Myrtle beach is holiday town with plenty of holiday homes. Look around and you […]

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Mille Lacs, Minnesota 

In the land of 10,000 lakes, Mille Lacs holds a special place.With an unequaled lake beach view, this holiday destination has some of the best shades of blue that you will ever experience. The sea and sky seem to meet at the far end, and if you are tempted , you sure can hire a boat […]

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Pondicherry, India 

This township is an antidote like no other. Warmly called Pondi, this French settlement a few hours away from Madras, is where you should go if you’re looking for some lone time with yourself or your loved ones. Tucked behind the sea is this small city, rich in aesthetic beauty, spiritual heritage and colonial history. […]

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Phuket, Thailand 

After much deliberation, reading through scores of holiday recommendations and signing up for travel offers, we finally decided to make Phuket our honeymoon destination. Well the criterion was pretty straight forward- After the fatigue from a wedding, all we wanted was a cushy resort where we could stretch ourselves to a mesmerizing sunset. Phuket gave […]

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Chennai, Tamilnadu 

The beautiful city of Madras always reminds me of old friends and old times. I still love calling its first name which lends character to its old world charm. It wasn’t the first time for either of us and wasn’t certainly going to be our last. To jingoists from the south, a description like “The […]

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New York City: The Big Apple

Everyone has a version of New York and here is our’s!  It is customary to keep the best for the last, and hence we kept New York as the last destination of our string of vacations for 2015. Read this post with a caveat that there is so much to be said, that it was […]

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Holland, Michigan

Holland, was the perfect tryst with small town America. Snugly homes lining up cozy avenues, it had a flowery charm. This former Dutch settlement has all the elements-from the colossal windmills, to shopping at wooden shoe markets, and gazing at the resplendent tulip patches, it takes you to their world. Located on the shores of Lake […]

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