I Think I am

Colourful. Loud. Out of box. What box. Inane. Ludicrous. Not the Rapper. Foodie Pork. Trance. THX. High End Computing. Graphic Cards. Adventure.  Travel. Talking and More talking. Ideation. Photography. Whiskey. i am arun dsouza.

She Thinks I am

Someone wisely said that the litmus test to know if you should marry a man is to put him in front of a computer that is slower than a snail and test his patience. Arun passed. Meet this unruffled, decorous gentleman whose love for gadgets is going to be tough to compete against. A hardcore non vegetarian, he is a connoisseur of food of every nationality. Anticipating that his future wife (me) may not be skilled in the kitchen, he has equipped himself with culinary skills and is a great cook. Thank God for that 😉

At any given point of time you ask him what he’s doing, Arun will be reading or surfing the internet. A voracious reader, don’t be surprised if he rattles off theories on how a microwave works or  the mechanics of an air conditioner. He is passionate about designing stuff- it could be anything- right from a device, to his dream house to even this very website! A techno freak to his very bone.  His creativity extends to his love for photography and sketching. He is often found wondering at art galleries pensively.

When I first looked at his FB profile I was confused whether he was consulting for TCS in America or was working for a Tourism Corporation. Arun loves the outdoors. Kashmir to Andaman, name it and he’s been there or at least has planned to go there. His love for history drove him to travel different parts of India for a whole year, during which time he literally lived out of his suitcase.

A great conversationalist, Arun is someone who can speak for hours on end on any topic under the sun, Oh wait!, you must know that the  laws of the universe also intrigue him these days. Be  it the auto driver, a Colleague at work, the old neighboring aunt or his old boss , Arun always has something to talk about. He loves networking with people and is very active on all social media. It does not end there; he speaks in his sleep also. Yep you can gift me ear plugs for the wedding 😛

On the personal front, Arun can be described as a perfect combination of sense and sensibility. Responsible and affectionate, his conscientiousness towards his work and family is admirable. This grandma’s pet is someone who will go that extra mile to make anybody happy. He is someone  who believes in the values of faithfulness and togetherness.

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