Happy. hopeful dreamer. Independent. Very Indian. Old songs,all songs, hymns. Pickle person. Fun and funny. Family Friends . Dance and Drama.  MovieBuff. Travel Adventure Activity. Emotional. I love surprises. i am annika albuquerque


Annika Albuquerque; the first thing that comes to mind is the exotic name. Annika is a Swedish diminutive of Anna, meaning “grace, gracious, graceful, favored” Grace is what defines Annika, she is kind and gentle. She is warm and caring and occasionally is overprotective. Ask her sister and you ll know what I mean. Getting to know her has been an experience. She has a aura of subtleness, composure and intelligence which you’ll notice whilst in company.

We knew each other through my brother and our earliest interactions were far from romantic. Biron and Anni were classmates and I accompanied him to their place occasionally around christmas time; customary in the Mangalorean Catholic community. She was a lively, vivacious person; intrigued in the pursuit of becoming an achiever both academically and socially. She succeeded.

Fast forward to the present, Infosys takes up most of her time; much to her euphemistic dismay.  But she manages to visit family and friends nationwide, covering the length and breadth of our beautiful country in the pursuit of what appears to be others happiness (coincidentally, most of her trips are to attend weddings!). I find that both amusing and admirable. Admiration in the sense of respect for the magnanimity in making it a point to spend time with a friend when its their finest moment. What is life but a series of moments that are strung together with the goo of mediocrity in between; the attainment of the mortal version of what best can be described as ‘Ahurmazda‘ depends on your ability to reduce the mediocrity. Anni is one of those people.

In what seems strangely almost oxymoronic is the fact that she loves sleeping and is probably her favourite thing to do. Her “power naps” are legendary and all of us have seen it practically at some point in our lives.  This probably landed Anni in more trouble than she could imagine. But that is what makes Anni, Anni.  Annika is humble, hard working, loves family and  very Indian. I am lucky to have her as a part of my life.

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