Eau Claire,Wisconsin 

We had always dreamed of that perfect farm getaway! Didn’t you immediately picture a big hay stack with all the farm animals huddled up in a ranch? Well, so did we, until we made this refreshing trip to Eau Claire.
Eau Claire is in the state of Wisconsin and the story goes that it gets its name from the French words “Eaux Claires”, meaning “Clear Waters”. Fresh and green are the corn fields as you drive your way to this city on the banks of the Chippewa river.

We made our trip in the peak of summer, the time by which, the sowed corn was fully grown  and almost ready for harvest. It was amazing to see the modern farming equipment being used to enhance productivity across the sprawling corn farms.

As we drove our way around the suburban areas we came across many a beautiful Chapel, like this one above. Serene and  solitary, they were placed among quiet neighborhoods sandwiched between each other’s fields.

Our home for the weekend was on a Christmas Tree Farm. And yes!! That is a real thing in this  hemisphere of the world. Something that we had heard of only as part of Christmas folklore. And here we were in a wooden cabin overseeing a farm full of trees that would adorn someone’s crib by december. 

The beauty of Eau Claire lies in it’s open skies. You could see floating clouds for good galloping miles. Everyone here is farming in one way or the other, whether it’s corn or strawberries,readying themselves for a good harvest season. This city also has beautiful wild flowers growing around farms, fields, on river banks, between rocks and around hedges. You couldn’t travel too far before you spot a bunch of them aimlessly gleaming in the sunshine ☀️ 

We spent an afternoon on the banks of the Chippewa at a spot called Big Falls. It was in full spate and taking a skinny dip was not advisable. So we lazed around with the waters nibbling at our feet and collected a big bunch of pretty wild flowers!

Eau Claire has a good number of places to trek and we weren’t going to miss a chance to do that! So we looked up a medium grade route and packed our hats and sunglasses. It was an amazing trek at Hoffman Hills at the end of which was this super high watch tower from where you could get a glimpse of the entire landscape.

It was so mesmerizing to climb up and get a bird’s eye view. We sat atop the tower taking in the feeling  of a thousand run rays warming our backs. Of course we weren’t going to miss a romantic sunset! Golden beams reflecting across the sky held us under a spell!

Visiting Eau Claire was like sitting in the lap of nature. Full of the outdoor spirit it makes you want to walk up that Hill or cycle down that trail. Wherever you decide to take your adventure, be guaranteed of spectacular views of nature along the way.

This place is also famous for its wineries; And we must say it’s one of the best we’ve been to! We savored some vivacious wines at Autumn Harvest Winery. A quaint little Winery overlooking a cozy farm with some exquisite blends of flavors in their wines. After a quick round of tasting we found ourselves wanting more and more!!

Exquisite flavors and great company, this was one sunny afternoon we were never going to forget. The wines were so impressive we even picked a few bottles to take home!

Where there’s wine, there had to be a barbecue! So we fired up the grill, popped open the bottles and turned up the speakers. And here we were, in great spirits, singing and dancing, gobbling and gulping, almost as if it was Christmas already! Sigh, Eau Claire you were wonderful and we take back the true happiness of these moments in our hearts.

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