North Shore, Minnesota 

If you’re ever thinking, is there a place that can really take my breath away, this has got to be it! We can’t begin to describe how beautiful and picturesque the North Shore along the mighty Lake Superior really is. An expansive water body in shades that you would only see in a painting, holding up a sky that was telling cloud shaped stories of its own, this place will give you an eternal feeling ; one that you don’t want to take your eyes off!!

Who doesn’t love long drives? And with views like these, where every glimpse you see looks like a postcard! Highway 61 from Minneapolis all the way upto Tetegouche state Park was like watching a mystical unfolding of beauty that gets better with every mile.

Everything about the shore life is envious. The views of the magnificent lake, the bay and harbors, the yachts, the cozy cabins overlooking praise worthy gardens. 

We drove up to the Tetegouche state Park and hiked our way through some arduous but amazing hiking trails to finally bathe in the Baptism  River,which as it sounds, was very renewing!

Steep and winding was the path, but motivated by the sheer raw energy that you derive from being in the heart of nature, we accepted every challenge! And it was worth every breathless gasp and racing heart beat to see what we saw.

For people who come from coastal towns, like us, the concept of a beach is familiar. But a lake beach where you are not consumed by tumultuous salty waves is the best we can hope for if you love swimming. The Superior Lake beach was in the chasm of naturally formed rocks, with an overflow cavity of clear water that you can jump into, right off a cliff! It’s an adventurers dream. And if you’re into just laying on the sand wiggling your toes in the water, the lake welcomes you with blue open arms.

The Palisade head, the picture of this humongous rock that you see above, is believe to be a billion years old! And when you see it it’s not hard to understand why. When the continental drift happened, these boulders found a place beside the melting glaciers.

Silver Bay which falls along the same shoreline is a visit worthy spot. It highlights the Marina with simplistic views of the Lake.

Royal boats lazily drift in the summer sun as the icy waters hold them afloat.

No matter where you drive to or where you’re coming from, the company of the blue blue skies and the green green trees are right there to surround you.

We have a fetish for sunsets. Although it’s the same sun that we see at every single setting, somehow it looks different and feels different every single time. This was another special sunset at the Gooseberry falls where the blue dissolved into shades of peach and amber.

Sigh! Why do good trips always have to come to an end so fast ??

…May be so that you can plan the next trip!? So we keep planning and keep traveling until all we have is a box full of albums and a heart full of memories 💛

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