Mille Lacs, Minnesota 

In the land of 10,000 lakes, Mille Lacs holds a special place.With an unequaled lake beach view, this holiday destination has some of the best shades of blue that you will ever experience. The sea and sky seem to meet at the far end, and if you are tempted , you sure can hire a boat and dive right into the blue!

Mille Lacs was special in more ways than one. Our vacation home was in a sailor theme of white and blue , making us really sail through the holiday mood . Beautiful interiors matched by thoughtful decor gave us an amazing lakeside break.

Our cabin was delicately placed with a pond on one side and the mighty lake on the other. Wherever you chose to place your chair , you were sure to have a great view. On the far end of the resort premises was a golf course that extended a blanket of green all the way to the cabin doorstep.

The cabin had a beautiful sun room with a view of the lake where we never missed a chance to bask in the evening sun. The gentle breeze from the lake would come rattling the branches, as they swayed to the song of spring. It was a spectacle that has become an unforgettable memory.

While the best part of Mille Lacs is that it is driving distance from the city of Minneapolis, the biggest reason for its popularity is for its fishing! You have here a dozen businesses offering guided fishing tours, sunset cruises and getaways around the lake. No matter what you are after, this sea sized lake is equipped to arrange it for the holiday party.

What’s most mesmerizing and makes Mille Lacs stand apart from other lake beaches are its white pebbled shoreline. Walking on these unpolished gems of nature makes for a good water trek along the coastline. The waters are clear and calm and taking a dip can really make for a good relaxing activity!

We took a long lakeside trek into Father Hennepin State Park which led us to explore some fascinating views of the Mille lacs. While spring had just sprung , we enjoyed the budding flowers on bowing branches. 

The park has many biking trails that take you as close as possible to the heart of nature. As we scouted for our favorite spots , it would not be wrong to say that the one that will remain with us was this- sitting by the setting sun , watching the hues of yellows and orange merge into the blues, holding us in a spell!

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