Phuket, Thailand 

After much deliberation, reading through scores of holiday recommendations and signing up for travel offers, we finally decided to make Phuket our honeymoon destination. Well the criterion was pretty straight forward- After the fatigue from a wedding, all we wanted was a cushy resort where we could stretch ourselves to a mesmerizing sunset. Phuket gave us that and a lot more!


Home to some of the world’s best luxury resorts there was no better way to pamper ourselves. Nestled away on a hill Avista Hideaway Resort & Spa set the mood for a really relaxed vacation. Our luxurious suite was as laid back as we wanted it. Built in a zen inspired manner this resort had an exceptionally designed lobby overlooking blossoming peaks.


The premises had multiple terraced gardens layering the resort giving it an immaculate facade. Its fine dining menu had the entire ocean on our plates. The infinity pool bars were the highlight, where we swam swigged and sun bathed leisurely. I also tried teaching my then ‘new husband’ some swimming, but he said he’d prefer to drown 😀


Lapped by white sand beaches you’ll never feel like wearing shoes again. The crystal clear waters reflected the hues of the blue skies so effortlessly. The towering cliffs edging the island beaches like Phi Phi and the precipitous rock crevices of the Phang-nga Bay will transport you to an altogether different world.


Staying at accessible distance from the renowned Patong we had some exciting glimpses of the nightlife of Phuket.  It has by far has some of the best sea food we had ever tasted. We had some diverse dishes with such distinct flavours brought together in Thai cooking styles! We also did a round of bar hopping and can vouch that it’s worth trying. You will stumble on everything from sea-facing relaxed setups to groovy discos, electrifying live band bars to casual outdoor pubs, all spectacular yet safe!! The famous Bangla street will give you a peek into everything that is on display- from street performers, hawkers, caricature artists  to the bewitching ladyboys lining up drinks around gogo bars. It was an interesting experience dodging the pingpong show hucksters who battle for your attention as you walk down a street where nobody knows anybody yet everyone is having fun in one way or the other!


Something that deserves an absolute mention is the supreme “Thai Massage”! Boy you can never get enough of it. The scented oils create the mood for repose. Delicate looking ladies apply sequences of rhythmic pressure with such dexterity that it leaves you feeling sublime.


After having seen the moon with my honey, one thing is certain- No matter which destination you choose, make the wedding an excuse for a honeymoon over the other way round 😉


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