Chennai, Tamilnadu 

The beautiful city of Madras always reminds me of old friends and old times. I still love calling its first name which lends character to its old world charm. It wasn’t the first time for either of us and wasn’t certainly going to be our last.


To jingoists from the south, a description like “The Cultural Capital of India” will not suffice. Prosperous in music and dance, art and architecture, law and literature, education and cinema this city is blessed with talent from across the spectrum. The city is so deeply immersed in culture, as I love my idli immersed in sambar 


The highlight of this Dravidian state is an attractive mix of Hinduism in its captivating temples and overarching reflection of the British architecture in many of the buildings and churches. Its long coast line is both traditional and historical. But to us the beaches bring memories of sandy shores and scrumptious sea food.


In our experience it’s peculiarity is what makes Madras worth exploring. It is perfectly poised to please both the young and the old. While the old eyes can feast on its archaic structures of municipal offices, railway stations, libraries, university buildings, places of worship and cultural estates of the city, the young can delight in the modernity of its cinematic experience (think Satyam cinemas), culinary experiences (think Murugan Idly) and contemporary hangout places (think Amethyst/Spoonbill) that it has to offer.

Just walking down shady avenues of Alwarpet, picking a packet of savouries at Grand Sweets or stopping by The Fruit Shop for a cold mug of milkshake, your sure going to love it!!


We would say: be driven by curiosity and go where your heart takes you for Madras will sweetly surprise you. You’ll know you’ve truly experienced Madras when you feel the sweat beads trickling down your forehead and your waiting for that brief draft of wind through the trees to blow through your hair while you’re walking past emphatic voices cackling in Tamil.

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