New York City: The Big Apple

Everyone has a version of New York and here is our’s!  It is customary to keep the best for the last, and hence we kept New York as the last destination of our string of vacations for 2015. Read this post with a caveat that there is so much to be said, that it was difficult to keep this post brief.

Home to- The most filmed park-Central Park in upper Manhattan, The most popular crossroad in the world- The Times Square, The most recognized statue in the world-The Statue Of Liberty, The iconic Empire State Building,  The largest Stock Exchange in the world-NYSE on wall street, The landmark Twin Towers, this city is nothing short of overwhelming!

Hold your head up and you will be amazed by the skyscrapers, lower your head and the cityscape will take your breath away. This city enjoys global spotlight in everything from finance to fashion and culture to cuisine.

New York City is very fast-paced, much like the Bombay of India. Forget about making time for others, people find it difficult to make time for themselves. Swift pedestrians and  fleeting vehicles, even time is afraid to slow down.

Walking through the brisk streets stretching from West 42nd  all the way to West 47th Streets, we wondered if the city ever sleeps. There was always someone, doing something, that we had never seen before.

And if you thought for a moment that the city comes alive only at nightfall, throw that thought right out of the window. Everything here seems alive. There’s nothing that you will not find on these streets.

Talk about the best food trucks, the best brands to shop, the most experimental shows, the best Broadway, the choicest concerts by your favorite bands- undeniably its all happening there.

NYC has many a quaint street, with quirky people doing extraordinary things. Think skateboarding, graffiti, caricature artists, street dancing, instrumentalists, juggling and the likes.

New York City has a lot to offer from a cultural aspect. It seems like each community from every corner of the world has found their home in this city. What makes it so vibrant is the culture that every country has handed out, to make NYC so global. It would not be wrong to say that you can find food and flavour of possibly every nationality of the world.

And FYI, this Tiramisu below, from Ferrara Bakery & Cafe in The Little Italy neigbourhood in lower Manhattan, is by far matchless in taste and texture.

New York City is historical in many ways. Every piece of architecture has a story to tell, and no ordinary story, always something that was built to be chronicled. Take the Empire state building that stood as the World’s tallest building from 1931–1972, or the city hall which is hailed as Oldest city hall in U.S., or the all time popular Chrysler building, or the Bull of wall street, or even the ancient yet magnificent Trinity church, they have a special place in American history.


If there’s something that people of New York will never forget is the resilience that Newyorker’s showed after the twin tower incident. It has been unforgettable for people across the world. It was, and still stands as an embodiment of progress.

Steps away from the new 1,776-foot (541-meter) tower are two memorial fountains built on the footprints of the decimated towers,serving as a rememberance of the more than 2,700 people who died.

The Staten Island Ferry, is epochal in many ways. It remains as of the last vestiges of the ferry system in New York City that transported people between Manhattan and the other boroughs long before bridges were built. Fun fact that this ferry provides 22 million people a year with ferry service.

This five mile cruise not only gives you one of the most stunning views of the New York Skyline but also gives you a beautiful spectacle of the imperial Statue Of Liberty. As we sailed through the calm waters we felt a strange sense of attachment to this city that we had barely explored.


Its like somebody said, find me a place where I can be by myself, yet never be alone- That’s New York for us!


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