Holland, Michigan

Holland, was the perfect tryst with small town America. Snugly homes lining up cozy avenues, it had a flowery charm. This former Dutch settlement has all the elements-from the colossal windmills, to shopping at wooden shoe markets, and gazing at the resplendent tulip patches, it takes you to their world.

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, walking through the boulevards of Holland is pure joy. If you’re the kind who loves neighborhood hopping, soaking in the feeling of the new place, new people, getting an eyeful of their way of life, you will not be disappointed.


We timed our visit during the annual Tulip festival that happens in the merry month of may. We even tracked the tulip meter to determine the best days when the bulb like tulips would bloom. These flowers blossom depending on the weather which is the onset of spring in this part of the world. The festival prides itself in planting roughly 6 million tulips in and around the city bringing delight to 500,000 people visiting from over 40 countries.


Driving through the sunny streets of Holland we saw a reflection of Dutch heritage in their city parks, tulip lanes and downtown shops. Crowded with people from all over America who came to experience ‘Tulip Time’ it felt like a real carnival. People, Flowers, Music, Shopping, Food, Shows, demonstrations and every other festive ingredient to give you a thoroughly enjoyable Dutch experience.

The brews of Holland were also mention worthy. Although we waited in long queues to savor our refreshments, there was no better way to beat the heat.


We also had the opportunity of viewing their iconic Dutch Dance. The history of the Dance is said to have begun in 1935 with high school girls performing at the Tulip Time Festival. They were dressed in costumes and performed to the tune of “Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Dog Gone?”. The tradition carried on where dancers hop to Dutch folk tunes wearing handmade costumes by local seamstresses


The most spectacular part of our trip was the dazzling fireworks on the shores of lake Michigan. Lasting a good 25 minutes the sounds and sights simply took our breath away.

Behold, the sight of an illuminated sky against the waters of the lake was something that we cannot forget.


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