Washington, DC

Washington DC is the power epicenter of the United States of America. It is a beautiful city, rather town, with wonderful tree lines avenues and gorgeous parks.

However a word to the wise, never go on a public holiday! You will meet the great security wall of America and it will make your trip extremely fragile: long lines, barriers and more long lines.

Beautiful  towering trees adorn several landmark buildings around the town. Every building seemed to have holding someone important.

Constitution Avenue,  which was originally known as B Street, was once a canal. It begins at the north end of the National Mall , extending all the way up to the United States Capitol. This arterial road is expansive, connecting  a large number of federal departmental headquarters, memorials, and a line of museums.

To experience the real patriotism of Americans, we made it to DC on the 4th of July, their independence day. We managed to catch the parade with thousands of others lining the streets to get a glimpse of the action.

The Parade consisted of bands, school drills, specialty units, giant show trucks , equestrian and other participants marching in patriotic style, with many a flag-waving patrioteer dressed in red, white and blue extravagantly celebrating their nations birthday! Phenomenal performances were collectively preformed by contingents from  different countries and ethnic groups, brandishing the culture they bring to this land of opportunity.

Koreans at the parade

Some of the marked monuments like the Lincoln & Jefferson  memorial are visit worthy.The Lincoln memorial was designed by Architect Henry Bacon who modeled the marble, granite and limestone building based on the architecture of the Greek Parthenon which was completed in 1922. Architect John Russell Pope designed the Jefferson memorial based on Jefferson’s own architectural preferences much like the Roman Pantheon, a circular marble building, near the Potomac River, which was completed by the year 1943.

But our favourite was the The Smithsonian. It is one of the greatest institutions in America dedicated to the preservation of the arts and history. We are planning to go back just to visit the museums for a day is just now enough to savour this historical behemoth! The Smithsonian Institution is the world’s largest museum and research complex, it includes 19 museums and galleries and the National Zoological Park.

 The Smithsonian has close ties with 168 other museums in 39 states.These museums are known as Smithsonian Affiliated museums. Collections of artifacts are given to these museums in the form of long-term loans. No wonder is credited with the title “the nation’s attic” for its multifarious holdings of over a 138 million items.

One of the first planes to be built

The patent granted to the Wright brothers for their invention: the airplane

Your wondering why the most eminent of them all “The White House” did not figure on our list? Well the security on Independence day was arduous to get a close shot of this beauty. We however learnt so much about the history of what went into building the President’s palace.Theodore Roosevelt officially gave the White House its current name in 1901.

Being big fans of any of the acclaimed TV series- West Wing, Scandal, Veep and House of cards, we did not miss just hanging around the White House gardens. It dramatically brought alive the political scenes that made us believe that everything that happens to the world is somehow decided in there!

So there’s no two ways about going to DC, the only question is which time of the year and for what! Visiting during the cherry blossoms is a great idea. But if you’re the erudite sorts that wants to make a field trip to all the museums, it’s best to choose an off season time.

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