Texas: Houston & Austin

Texas has a very stereotypical image in the minds of most, and we were no exception. When we had thought of Texas, we imagined cowboys, westerns and deserts. But the cities of ‘The lone star state’ that we visited were surprisingly green!

Visiting friends to spend a hullabaloo weekend has a quality of its own. And so we set out on this jaunt looking for some camaraderie. What we got was a lot more than just that! What stuck as a joke throughout, and was incontestably apparent in every breath of Texan Air is,  “Everything is Big in Texas”!!!

The roads were sprawling, with high speed traffic. And as we drove from Houston to Austin, which by the way was a fabulous drive, we got a good sample of how they love everything large. Big broad highways, sizable fields and farms, monumental houses, gigantic signboards, roomy restaurants, and we even got a copious share of hailstones on our way back from Austin.


The Austin wine trail is very popular. If you’re a connoisseur of wine you will love doing this trip. The history of vineyards goes something like this – For generations before the arrival of Europeans, native grape growers flourished in the area now known as Texas.  When the Spanish missionaries arrived in the 1600s, they planted more vines near El Paso. In the 1800s several settlers grew grapes in South and Central Texas. They were most successful with native varieties. Soon the industry was booming. Today Texas has over 200 wineries.

The Austin area has wineries spread out across the Hill Country, from Dripping Springs to Fredericksburg and Kerrville.  They are clustered together and planning a days visit to breeze through these gorgeous vineyards is something you wont regret.

As you approach Austin town, you get a peppy & youthful feeling. This place somehow seemed to have a mixture of all the best things in life- nature, music, dance and food. Surrounded by many natural water springs and nature parks, this state capital has great walking trails perfect for visitors like us.

A good trek brings you alive and so we set out to Pedernales Falls and state park for a jolly hike which was nothing less than an obstacle course race.


The Sixth Street in Austin is the core of Austin downtown. This street is nothing less than a madhouse. A perfect zone for the party animal. Known as the entertainment district, it lives up to its name with bars, nightclubs, lounges, live band pubs and beer joints. Gorging on flavorful Tex-Mex from breakfast to lunching on succulent steaks and gourmet food, we ended up eclipsing the moon with our pitchers of margaritas through the night. if Sixth street is the heart of Austin, then music its soul. You’ll find Austin musicians at many a club and coffeehouse singing the night away or jamming up over cocktails.


If you were to ask us which destination should we choose, if we just want to hang out with a bunch of friends dawdling around with wine and vittles- Houston+Austin is “IT”!!

Sometimes you find your happy place in the place you least expect and that’s where we found our triple rainbow 🙂

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