Las Vegas, Nevada 

There’s a side to Vegas that nobody talks about. “The sin city”, although principally true,  is far more cliched.  The first thing that stuck us as we alighted at the Vegas airport was how brilliantly lit it was. Far up from the sky the strip shimmered. Down below, every wall and panel, of every hotel and casino was radiating the Vegas shine. You sleep to the lights and you wake up to the lights. There’s not a dull moment on the strip! Here’s what is beyond the glitz and glamour.

The most striking thing about the strip is its ostentatiousness. Everything is big and brimming with luxury. Classic to Vintage,  Boutique to Artisan, Suite styled to Contemporary style, staying anywhere on the strip, is an experience in itself. And if you are a design aficionado like us, Las Vegas is your heaven. Just the style and opulence is enough to get you high.

Vegas has big hotels with high end sky lofts and mammoth pool resorts. Most suites are upscale and are exclusive in one way or the other. While you can choose to stay clear of the noisier rooms facing the strip, you can also opt to be in the center of all the action on the street. This place is entertainment unlimited where the lines of day blur into the night , until its day again!!


The casino’s and the slot machines are ubiquitous. I can’t count the number of times I wis I had been a millionaire. There are more ways to spend money in Vegas than you can imagine and gambling is one of them. The thrill of getting lucky is exciting. Thousands of people their time and money banging at slot machines or spinning wheels to make their fortune. Apparently an average visitor has a gambling budget of $57o per trip!! Sometimes it’s all about the money honey 😉

But our favourite and most memorable part of Vegas were the poetic shows of the Cirque Du Soleil that brought the Beatles back live for us! The mesmerizing act heightens your experience with amazing costumes and and choreography. The acrobats and aerialists sway to popular tracks as they infect you with their rhythmic moves. You can’t and shouldn’t miss a show when you’re in Vegas.

There are countless things to see and experience, hear and involve with. Walking the casual streets on the strip, you’ll find classy embellishments at the facades of any of the hotels. Get ready to marvel at these archi-lovers! A gondola ride at the Venetian can give you an ecstatic European feel. You can catch a treat at the Bellagio fountains that gracefully shimmy to some legendary music. Vegas is the ‘Promised Land’ if you are a food enthusiast. Just like everrything else here, it’s exquisite.Whether you want a swanky place to sip or simply a cozy couch after a long walk,  or just nibble on some gourmet gelato, there’s a spot for every mood!

DSC_0493.JPGVegas is all about the people who make it.Statistically Vegas has about 42 million visitors a year and employing a talented 300,000 people in one way or the other bringing in over $9 Billion in revenue. So it’s all work with more play in Vegas because a staggering 5 million business delegates visit the city on work every year.

So whether you are a luxury lover looking for a perfect vacation or the fit or fat foodie wanting to sample stuff by celebrity chefs and master mixologists or if it’s your first time and you want to party like an animal , there’s no place else you should even think about!! Viva Las Vegas !!


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