Mangalore is a panorama of palm-fringed beaches, lush green fields and enchanting forests. It is sheltered by the soaring Western Ghats on the east and the mighty Arabian Sea roaring along its western shores. Many have fallen in love with its unsullied beaches and its flourishing fauna.

You cannot miss noticing the lanky coconut trees amid the composure that this summery paradise holds. While the summers are sweltering, the monsoons create magic with its drenchers that last almost six months, filling every brook and creek.  December is everyone’s darling, being the most pleasant time of the year.

Tiled houses surrounded by tall coconut trees is a common sight in this city.The German missionary Georg Plebst set up the first tile factory at Mangalore in 1860, after he found large deposits of clay by the banks of the Gurupura and Nethravathi rivers. Tiles were popular because they provided excellent ventilation in summer, back in the day. These tiles still define Mangalore’s skyline and are characteristic to the cityscape.

Mangalore is also a hub for education. The famous Saint Aloysius College is over 125 years  and has been the alma mater mater for both of us. Atop the Light House Hill, this institution is legendary with more than 14,000 students from diverse cultural backgrounds studying on this campus.

We owe a lot to this city. This is our village which has shaped us to be what we are. It gave us a homely and safe childhood, a reputable education and opportunities to grow as individuals through various institutional and local programmes.

Mangalore is certainly the Rome of the East . True to its name, if you throw a stone it is likely to fall into a church compound. The St. Aloysius Chapel is comparable to the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Milagres Church was constructed as early as the 1600s and is a must visit to understand the history of the Kanara Christian community . Infant Jesus church, on Carmelite hill, is a beautiful shrine that brings devotees thronging from around the globe.

This city is also home to many famous temples like the Kadri Manjunatha Temple built during the 10-11th Century, Mangaladevi and the modern Gokarnatheshwar temple. What sets this place apart is its inclusiveness. Every festival be it Christmas, Id or Chaturthi you will see neighborhoods celebrate in equal enthusiasm.

Bisi Bisi Goli baje, Mangalore buns and hot coffee & the typical “Manglorean Ghee Roast” preparations are must try cuisines in this southern kingdom that almost always sends you into a food coma. Whatever happens don’t miss the world famous GADBAD ice cream at  the Ideal parlour!

We have the warmest affections to this city, its great seafood and homely folks. It is the place we grew up in, and undoubtedly it will be the place  we will be wanting to get back to, growing old . We are sure that our pristine city will find its places in your heart.  So take a train, fly a plane or just drive down to kick back, relax and experience the simple joys of life ❤

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